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Chapter 10:Castor


Book 1: The Plague
Chapter 1:The Vaiu Descendant
Chapter 2:The Coming War
Chapter 3:The Revelation
Chapter 4:The Trip
Chapter 5:The Aurii Defense Station
Chapter 6:Training
Chapter 7:The Undetectable Predator
Chapter 8:The War
Chapter 9:The Magistrate
Chapter 10:Castor

It was morning now. Avatrice woke up ten minutes ago and was now taking a shower. Then there was a loud knocking at the door. Just a minute! Avatrice called out. He turned off the water pipe and dried himself with a towel. Then he opened the closet and there he saw a new set of clothing suited for him. He put on his clothes, wore the pendant and greeted the visitor by the door. Good morning! Tiffany exclaimed. She seemed to just have taken a bath just a while ago since her hair was still a bit wet. Hey, maybe we should get some breakfast. Avatrice suggested. Okay, and after we eat we might as well enjoy ourselves since we still have about six hours left till the magistrates meeting. the lass stated. Lets go then. Avatrice took out his key and locked the door shut. They went to the caf and it was still empty since it is only seven in the morning. They took some trays and looked at the vast menu of food and drinks. Avatrice got a couple of egg tarts and cherry danishes while Tiffany only took a piece of waffle and a cup of hot chocolate. She sat down by a round blue table then was later joined by Avatrice who was taking a large tray of food and drinks. Tiffany started to cut her waffle in half with a fork then adding maple syrup to it. Avatrice was chewing his tarts and danishes while occasionally taking a sip of apple juice. After they ate, they took their plates and utensils to the washing chute, where all of the dirty things in the tower were cleaned. Then they went out of the caf and stood at the corridor. So, milady, shall we go to the amusement center? Avatrice asked. Okay, whatever you wish, milord. Tiffany answered. They went up the staircase to the third floor and when they reached it, both of them saw a humongous golden gate to the right. Avatrice and Tiffany saw that it had a sign, it was the Amusement Center. Avatrice pushed it open and it revealed a small hall with multiple doors on each side. At each golden door, it had two signs. One: vacant or occupied. Two: what game the room inside offers. Avatrice took the one that says castor and Tiffany took the reckoner. Avatrice opened the door and went inside. Deal? asked an old man sitting on a chair. Then suddenly the door behind Avatrice shut. Yeah, sure, deal. How do you play the game anyway? Avatrice stated. In the small room, there was a long rectangular table and at each side of the table, stood a chair. Youll learn the game when you play it. Sit down then, boy. the old man ordered while brushing his long beard. Avatrice sat down the huge velvet chair. Suddenly, a deck of cards appeared at the center of the gambling table. Then it shuffled itself then gave each of them four cards each. The old man held his cards, looked at them, then made a chuckle. Avatrice looked at his, then read them through his mind. flame jet, icicle, rock bash and psionic shockwave. Roll your dice, boy. the old man said while preparing his dice to roll. Avatrice took the crystal dice by his left then rolled it just as the old man did. Avatrices dice turned yellow and the old man, brown. Cast a yellow elemental spell. the old man said while he took a card and settled it face down on a blank space in front of him. I have no yellow elemental. Avatrice declared. Roll your dice one more time then. the old man stated. Avatrice did as the old man said and rolled. The crystal dice became two. Take two damage then. The old man said while revealing his card. The card said earth smash Brown, earth smash. Your down to ninety-eight the ancient mage declared. Then the card disappeared. Then another card was given to the old man. Roll. the old man commanded. They both rolled their dice. Avatrices showed red and the old man, blue. They both revealed their cards. Avatrices showed flame jet and the old man, blizzard. Weakness! the old man exclaimed, so that is two times five is ten, so Im down to ninety. Then the game continued for hours until their life was now one each. Both of them rolled their dice and Avatrices shown purple and the old man, red. Avatrice casted psionic shockwave since he never had a chance to cast it and the old man casted a flame tornado. Direct hit. the old mage declared frustrated, Its a tie. Then suddenly the door opened and light shown. Its time to go, Avatrice