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Chapter 9:The Magistrate


Book 1: The Plague
Chapter 1:The Vaiu Descendant
Chapter 2:The Coming War
Chapter 3:The Revelation
Chapter 4:The Trip
Chapter 5:The Aurii Defense Station
Chapter 6:Training
Chapter 7:The Undetectable Predator
Chapter 8:The War
Chapter 9:The Magistrate
Chapter 10:Castor

It took them three days just to come to the capital of Aurii, Oversburg. They flew above the busy city, trying to locate the tower of the magistrate. Alas they came to a tall structure plated with gold and amber. They stopped by the humongous gate of the tower. The commander of the elite platoon landed and so did the others. He reached out his hand pushed open the gate. He went in and gestured the others to follow him. Avatrice and Tiffany climbed down their wyrms and guided them to the tower. Inside there was vast hall with posts sticking out of each side and it also had designs of amber and gold all around. At the end of the hall, there was an opening. They went out of the hall through the opening and saw a huge quadrangle that had a fountain in the middle. There were velvet seats all over and there was carpet on the floor. The whole place was filled with mages walking around, sitting down and going about their lives. Then two people, not magistrates but rather their servants, offered to take their wyrms. They guided the lizards to a golden staircase leading to a basement. After the servants have gone with the wyrms, a mage came near and introduced himself. Greetings! I am Geirof, right hand of the high magistrix. He has sent me to guide you to your quarters for the time being. Commander, your dismissed. The commander bowed and turned away, so did his comrades. Come Lord Avatrice, your room awaits and of course you too milady. Then he bowed to Tiffany. The captain was still yawning. They were both exhausted. The two of them got little sleep since the trip to the tower. Across the fountain there was a wide golden staircase leading to the higher parts of the tower. Above them, all the higher floors didnt have a center. In each floor, in the middle, they had a square shaped hole so they can actually see the true height of the structure. Avatrice was breath taken by the sight. Milord? Geirof asked, lets go. The middle aged man led them to the staircase. Avatrice followed him and so did Tiffany. At the end of the staircase, it separated in to two more staircases, each on the left and right. The right staircase was apparently shorter than the left and at the end of the right staircase, there was a huge golden gate. That door leads to the court of the high magistrix Geirof explained, gesturing to the right, you cant get through there if the magistrix didnt will you to. That other staircase leads to the training hall, caf, amusement center and the sleeping quarters. The mage climbed the left staircase as Avatrice and Tiffany followed. The first door they saw was of the training hall, there was a sign carved on a gold board. They were still walking on one side of the quad shaped corridor and were about to go to the next corridor of the quadrangle. On their way they met a few mages. On the corridor they were now walking on had a steep staircase to the right and it had a sign that says special residence. The guide stopped, the novice and the captain did too. At the end of the next corridor, there is a staircase leading to the next floor. There, you will find the caf, all food and drinks are free of charge. Then at that floor, you will see another staircase leading to the next floor, there, you will find the amusement center. At the amusement center, you will find games that will test your skills. Try it some time, I myself am fond of it. Now, its ten o clock, tomorrow at one, the magistrix will see you. I will pick you up, be here at your residence. If you need me, Ill be at my quarters at the fourteenth floor. Geirof handed them each a key. Each key was differently colored. Avatrice took the gold one and Tiffany the amber. Geirof bowed then was on his way. Well, Tiffany, lets go then. Avatrice gestured to the girl. The steep staircase can only accommodate a person at a time. Avatrice went first then the lass followed. The staircase led to a small room. A room that separates into two doors. One was gold and the other amber. Tiffany, the mage started, wake me when you do. Then he yawned and took his key and went inside. Avatrice slammed the heavy door shut. He clicked a switch and two lamps flickered and lit the small room. To his right was the bathroom and across from where he stood, was a desk and chair, a bookshelf and a king sized bed. He observed that the whole room was of gold. It seemed like an emperors palace. He pulled the curtain and saw a balcony. He dragged the glass door and went to the balcony. There he could see the whole city. He yawned, he felt exhausted. So he went back inside and crashed on the bed.

* * *

Avatrice was suddenly awaken by a loud knocking at the door. He looked at the lamp-dial at the table beside him and saw that it was already six o clock. He went to the door to greet the visitor. When he opened it, he saw that it was Tiffany, pushing a large cart filled with food and drinks. Come in. he ordered the lass while rubbing his eyes. Tiffany went in with the cart and prepared their supper. Avatrice closed the door behind him and sat on the bed. Tiffany brought many things, Avatrice observed, roasted steaks, dinner buns, lime water and grapes. Lets eat then, commander. The lass offered. Please, Tiffany the novice started, call me Avatrice, okay? Tiffany sat on the chair near the table and Avatrice took his plate and goblet and ate on the bed. They were both really hungry since they skipped their lunch. After their supper was over, they were then very full. Avatrice then lied on the bed, thinking of what happened to him in the past few days. Tiffany was a neat freak, Avatrice observed. She took everything and fixed them, Avatrices bed sheets, the goblets, plates, everything. So, Tiffany, where did you come from? Avatrice asked. I come from a place like no other. I came from the royal house of Aurii. The girl answered. Avatrice was shocked. The royal house of Aurii? It had been extinct for years. There is no survivor of that family. I thought there was no more of the royal house. Avatrice stated. Yes, but you see Tiffany explained while settling the last plate and sitting by Avatrice on the bed, I am the last one. Once, the royal house of Aurii was prosperous. Well, that was until eleven years ago, when we were just two. The Flazic mages attacked the palace, they were led by Stanfro. My father and mother were executed by him but I was lucky enough not to be seen. They had full control of the palace. Then Master Bardwin, came carrying a baby, he took me and together with the two infants, he ran. He was seen be a guard and he sounded the alarm. Stanfro and his army came chasing after him. On the way, he saw Commander Vixoe, my step-father, and he took me back to the station and trained me. Then, Master Bardwin made himself a living bomb and exploded. I guess his son is dead. Tiffany took a deep breath then closed her eyes. Thats why nobody want to be friends with me, because my father is the commander. Tears flowed from her eyes. Well, Avatrice started, just the same here. The high mentor of Wegwin raised me, well, I had friends but only a few. Im the son of Bardwin. Tiffanys tears stopped. He turned to look at Avatrice. Youre the son of Bardwin? she asked in disbelief. Yes, so were actually the same. Friends? Avatrice asked while offering his hand. Friends. Tiffany reached out her hand and shook Avatrices then got the other hand and wiped her tears.