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Chapter 8:The War


Character Profiles
Book 1: Druid's Legacy
Chapter 1:The Vaiu Descendant
Chapter 2:The Coming War
Chapter 3:The Revelation
Chapter 4:The Trip
Chapter 5:The Aurii Defense Station
Chapter 6:Training
Chapter 7:The Undetectable Predator
Chapter 8:The War

Avatrice and Tiffany arrived at the academy by noon and the main gate was filled with war-mages. "Halt!" a soldier ordered as they came to the entrance, "Who are you?" "I am Avatrice, novice of the high commander, Vixoe, heir to the command of the Vaiu clan." the mage stated while taking off his war mask, "and this is Captain Tiffany of the Vaiu clan. I wish to speak to the high mentor, Rijric, honored Gockrian." "Sir!" the Gockrian mage started, "the academy has been attacked by the mysterious plague. All survivors of the attack had been ordered to stay inside the safety shelters. You may find the high mentor at the first shelter of the second builing." the Gockrian moved asideso that Avatrice and the captain may pass. "Thank you, major." Avatrice commented. He and Tiffany went inside and located the place where Rijric was being held. They went inside the second building and entered the first shelter. "Avatrice!" the mentor exclaimed in delight, "You have returned!" "Yes, sir, I have. How many died in the attack?" the novice asked. "About twenty-three I think." the old mage answered, "I think the Flaz have an antidote to this plague." "What?!" Avatrice shrieked. "Yes, when they attacked, some of them threw the tiny bottles I caught one of them and threw it back at the pursuing mages. It hit two of them. They both fell down, dead I presumed, but another mage came and injected the two of them and they woke up, active, once again." Rijric paused then started to talk again but was interrupted by the loud ringing of the warning bell outside. "They have come once again." the frustrated mage stated. "Go now Avatrice. Find the antidote. Maybe you can save us all as your father has." "Okay, sir." Avatrice started, "I'll do as you say." Then he went out to the open air with Tiffany by his side. They looked beyond the tall walls of the academy and saw Flazic mages charging down a steep hill. Some of them threw the tiny bottles and they exploded causing the plague to spread. The guards that stood tall once now lay down at their death site. Avatrice and the captain wrapped their mask around their face and ran towards the site where the attack has begun. The surviving guards casted spells of paralysis, frost, electricity and anything that may stop the assailing mages but died in the end. There are about twelve defending mages left against about a hundred foes, it seemed like an impossible battle to win. Now in the battle field, the captain and the novice casted any spell that popped on their mind. They reduced the charging mages to just about seventy but they were still outnumbered. The Flazic mages created flames that burned anything within reach. Bottles came flying thru the air once more and killing everyone in sight. Tiffany was hit with one and she dropped, among the fallen warriors. Avatrice, seeing his fallen ally, became furious. This time, he kept on touching his foe's foreheads and destroying their sense of humanity. He ran towards Tiffany and carried her to the academy. Avatrice, still carrying the captain, ran to the sick bay of the academy and settled the girl by the door. Then the mage ran back to the battle field and started looking for the antidote. While searching, he kept hitting his enemies with balls of disruption. Alas he saw a Flazic field surgeon that was scurrying at the back of a huge rock. Avatrice Paralyzed the medic and searched his whole body for the possible antidote. Then at the back pouch of the surgeon, Avatrice saw them. Five injections were there, each containing yellow substance. Avatrice took all of them and ran back to the sick bay where his ally still lies unconscious. On the way, he fell. He rose up and looked back and he saw that he was the only mage left standing to defend the academy. There was a short pause then the Flazic mages charged towards his direction throwing gobs of flame. Avatrice ran. He ran to the sick bay and grabbed the captain and ran towards the opposite direction of the charging mages. It was clear. He was losing the battle. He tripped. Tiffany fell, so did he. It was the end. The Flaz would rule the realm of Aurii. Avatrice panicked, all is lost. Then suddenly several bolts of psionic energies shot out from the air and hit the charging Flazic mages. All of them turned to the direction where the bolts were shot and saw mages that were floating in the air. They were wearing purple tunics and silver masks. They're the elite platoon of the Vaiu clan! "We're here to defend all that is innocent and destroy the persecutors." the one in front announced. Then all of them charged towards the Flazic mages. A sudden spark of hope lit within Avatrice. They were actually winning! The elite platoon, as they said, literally destroyed and ripped their enemies to pieces. Blood flowed everywhere but they were all Flazic blood, not Vaiu. At the end of the blood shed, the elite mages stood glorious over the sea of blood. "Lord Avatrice!" their commander started. "The high magistrix sent us to get you. Come with us." Avatrice stood carrying Tiffany. "Let's go then, commander."