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Chapter 2:The Coming War


Character Profiles
Book 1: Druid's Legacy
Chapter 1:The Vaiu Descendant
Chapter 2:The Coming War
Chapter 3:The Revelation
Chapter 4:The Trip
Chapter 5:The Aurii Defense Station
Chapter 6:Training
Chapter 7:The Undetectable Predator
Chapter 8:The War

Thirteen years after the war at Wegwin..
"..and so Master Bardwin, an alumni of this school, sacrificed himself for the welfare of the Vaiu, Hydruss, Gock and Zap clans. So does anybody have any questions about he war at Wegwin?" wizard mentor Phelios asked his class. "Okay then, class dismissed!" as soon as he said those words, the students at the level 2 lectorium trailed off to enjoy their weekend. "So Avatrice, what do you plan to do this weekend?" asked Keith of the Hydruss, while they walked slowly towards their dormitory, "Want to go fishing?" "Naah! Fishing are for Hydruss! Besides, I have to go study 'Teleportation'." His friend replied. "Oh man! You always study on weekends! C'mon! Lighten up! It's going to be our last year being second level mages! Come on! We're two of the greatest mages of our time! We're thirteen and we're level two! I mean, that's amazing!" the Hydruss mage exclaimed. "One day, Keith. One day. You'll see that all my hard work will pay off." the defensive wizard replied. "Okay, okay, you win. Catch you later then." "Ok bye!" then the water spell master trailed off. The Vaiu spellman then continued his path to the high mentor's office or should I say step-father. "Knock, knock, knock!" "Come in!" came a voice from inside. Avatrice did as he was told. "Hello, step-father." the young mage said. "Avatrice! Will you please stop calling me step-father and just call me 'father'!" Rijric shrieked. "So, step-dad, there is the matter of telling me about my real dad.." Avatrice said. "Avatrice! We've been through this a million times! I told you! I'll tell you when I have to! Now, it's ten o' clock, go to sleep, ok?" Rijric mumbled. "Alright, goodnight, step-dad." "Goodnight son, and don't forget to call me.. ah! Forget it!" So Avatrice, being the obedient son that he is followed his father's orders and went straight to his dormitory. He went up to the Vaiu dorm block and went up to the third floor. Avatrice went in the room that says 'Avatrice Heimlick, level 2'. The Vaiu clan, though being the smallest clan in the realm of Aurii, was the most powerful. Avatrice changed to his sleeping clothes and dropped on his bed and slept.

* * *

Avatrice woke up suddenly in the morning because of the loud booming at his door. "Avatrice! Avatrice! Wake up! There's an emergency assembly!" a familiar voice called. Avatrice hurriedly opened the door and went out. It was Keith, his best friend. "Well, let's go!" he exclaimed. At the huge quadrangle, rows of mages align in there right position. The first twelve lines were all of the fifth level. Then the next eleven rows were of the forth level and the next eight rows were of the third level. The next two rows were of the second level and alas the last row, which consists of only fifteen mages, are of the first. Avatrice and Keith joined the last row of second level mages. The high mentor, Rijric, came up the stage with a tall man following him. "Good morning, everyone. Commander Vixoe here has come with grave news, commander.." then the commander stepped forward and announced, "Greetings! I am Commander Vixoe of the Aurii defense legion. It is true! I bring grave news! The war is upon us!" then there were loud chatting amongst Wegwin students. "As I said, the war is upon us! The Flaz have declared war with us. Half of my army has been wiped out due to the Flaz attacks. So, I need recruits. I shall therefore get the top fifty students of this Academy. The second leveled mages, will be armed with their own stones, because I believe that they are trained enough to control their own. As for the third leveled mages, wait 'till your older. Tomorrow, I shall come and take you to the Aurii defense station, and there, you shall train and when the time comes, you will fight. Thank you and, goodbye." There was a loud clapping then the clapping turned to awe as the Wegwin students saw the wizard mentors carrying the stones that will be armed to the second leveled. All students were dismissed except for the second leveled mages. The stones were passed around and at last each of them got one and all of them were dismissed too. Then Avatrice approached his best friend and said, "See, Keith, told you."