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Book 1: Druid's Legacy


Character Profiles
Book 1: Druid's Legacy
Chapter 1:The Vaiu Descendant
Chapter 2:The Coming War
Chapter 3:The Revelation
Chapter 4:The Trip
Chapter 5:The Aurii Defense Station
Chapter 6:Training
Chapter 7:The Undetectable Predator
Chapter 8:The War

This is the first book of this saga. It's about the Flaz clan who had spread a plague that killed their foes. Commander Vixoe, the general of the Aurii defense legion, sent Avatrice, his novice mage, to stop this disease. Along with Tiffany, an army officer, they search for the possible cure for the undetectable enemy. Along their way, Avatrice found Terion, the druid necromancer. There he was to be the hermit's apprentice.

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