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Chapter 6:Training


Character Profiles
Book 1: Druid's Legacy
Chapter 1:The Vaiu Descendant
Chapter 2:The Coming War
Chapter 3:The Revelation
Chapter 4:The Trip
Chapter 5:The Aurii Defense Station
Chapter 6:Training
Chapter 7:The Undetectable Predator
Chapter 8:The War

After both of them ate their lunches, all new recruits of the Vaiu were to attend the training session, although only Avatrice was to go, Tiffany went too to watch. The training hall was just located below the Vaiu hall and was accessible thru a steep staircase much like the one headed to the dormitories. All of the new recruits were there all right. All eleven of them including him, of course. There was a big glass wall and a door. Avatrice went inside while Tiffany stayed outside and watched thru the transparent wall. "Is everybody here?" an old mage asked. "Yes, sir!" everybody replied. "Good." the mage commented. "Get ready to train, I am Sir Augustus, Aurish rector." The old man introduced. The room was empty other than a table that stood near the magistrate. Then he flashed his stone at the table and eleven mask-cloths and iron bands appeared. "These are iron bands" he explained while holding one in his right hand, "and these are mask-cloths." Then pointing to the bunch. "The iron bands, are for the feet, you put them in the sole of your shoes. And the mask-cloths are for the face, you wrap it around like so." He demonstrated as he spoke. "Now, come forward, all of you, and take one of each, well, two of the iron bands of course." And so the trainees did. After they gat one of each and had put them on, they resumed their position in a straight line. "Now," he said and flashed his stone once more, making eleven metal blocks appear, "each of you will lift these metallic bars using nothing but your mind, concentration and your stones." Then as he said stone, each of them took out their own and held it in their right hand. "Ready, go!" the mage trainees responded quickly and concentrated. They find it hard to lift them. Avatrice cleared his mind then concentrated once more. This time, it flew up the ceiling and fell on the rector's head.

* * *

"The blasted child hit me on the head!" the rector complained while rubbing his head to comfort the bump. They were now at the commander's office, Avatrice, Tiffany and the annoying old mage. "But I didn't mean to, sir! Honest!" the young angry spellman defended. "Not a word!" the commander ordered, "Is this true, captain?" "Yes, sir! Avatrice only focused on moving the miron stones, nothing more." The girl reported. "Then, if this is true," the commander started, "then you're probably the greatest recruit we had yet! When I was recruited, I hadn't even budged my miron stone an inch! Great job, lieutenant! Or should I say, admiral!" Avatrice was struck dumb. It's his first day in the army and already he had been promoted twice. "You're dismissed. And as for you, Augustus, lighten up, ok?" The old magistrate grumbled then went out of the office and the two of them followed. Suddenly, just as Avatrice was about to close the door, a man pushed right pass thru them and went inside the office, Avatrice with his new friend, curious as they were, decided to check on what was happening inside. The strange mage saluted and shouted, "Permission to speak freely, sir!" "Permission granted, major." The commander replied, still sitting on his leather chair. The masked mage put down his hands and announced, "Commander, I just came here from the town of Aresty and our squadron there just died mysteriously." "Are there any signs of what might cause their death?" the commander demanded. "No, sir." Came the reply. "Go get your wyrm, escort me to the town." He said as he stood from his seat, "you two, come with me." Commander Vixoe said pointing at the two eavesdropping mages.

* * *

Crimson Flame, Avatrice's first and only wyrm, seemed to be in fine shape since he last saw him. "Welcome back, Avatrice." the courteous wyrm greeted, "and where may I take you this time?" "To the town of Aresty please. Commander will lead us." the mage pointed at the commander. "So, who's your new friend?" the lizard asked, facing his head towards the direction of the girl. "Oh, she's my new dorm mate." "Okay… hop on and let's go." Avatrice jumped on the wyrm and the lizard started to run towards the open air, picking up speed as he went. And alas they were out of the dragon barn and out on the flight plain. He was running towards a steep cliff where the commander just flew off. Then the wyrm jumped down the cliff, flapped it's wings and they flew. Tiffany's blue dragon followed right after Crimson did.