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Chapter 5:The Aurii Defense Station


Character Profiles
Book 1: Druid's Legacy
Chapter 1:The Vaiu Descendant
Chapter 2:The Coming War
Chapter 3:The Revelation
Chapter 4:The Trip
Chapter 5:The Aurii Defense Station
Chapter 6:Training
Chapter 7:The Undetectable Predator
Chapter 8:The War

"Avatrice! Avatrice!" came a familiar sound. It was Keith. "Hey!" was the only word Avatrice could say. "What happened here?" his friend asked. "Oh, nothing, just some problem with a serpent, but it's all under control now." The mage said, arrogantly. "Man! Your amazing! Come on, commander is waiting."

* * *

"Report, cadet!" commander ordered Avatrice, just as they came to their waiting site. "Sorry I'm late, sir! I had to slay a serpent, sir!" Avatrice explained. "Serpent? Is this true, Cadet Keith?" the doubting commander replied. "Yes, sir!" Keith told him , "We will escort you to the site, sir!" "Ok, ok. Is the site on our way?" Vixoe asked. "Yes, sir!" Avatrice responded, "It's north, sir!" "Good." the commander commented. "Hop on your wyrms! We're going now!" just as the commander ordered, the whole platoon hopped on and so did he. They flew north, to the direction of the station and stopped at the site where Avatrice had slain the serpent. "Have you done this, Cadet?" commander asked the young mage. "Yes, sir! But I didn't mean to! He attacked me first!" Avatrice defended. "That's enough!" the commander ordered, "From now on, you cadet, are my lieutenant. Get that, lieutenant?" "Yes, sir!" Avatrice proudly exclaimed. The commander saluted him and grinned, "Good to know that we finally have some mages that have guts in this army." Then hey flew once more. While in transit, Keith shouted, "Hey! Avatrice! Great job!" "Thanks!" the proud mage shouted back. Alas they came to a large structure, it seemed larger than the academy itself. Then, on a wide plain on top of the humungous structure, they landed. "This, my friends, is the flight plain. Here, you will land and fly, got that?" "Sir, yes, sir!" all of them shouted in unison. Then the commander stepped down his wyrm and stored it in a sort of large dragon barn. All of them followed. Each of their wyrms occupied a cubicle. Then the commander opened a door and went down the steep staircase. "Follow me!" he ordered so everyone did. The staircase led to a large indoor assembly hall and in it, all the war-mages in Aurii were aligned. All of the war-mages covered their face with some sort of cloth. The new recruits went up to the wide stage and the commander announced, "These are the new recruits of the army. Don't under-estimate them, because one of them just killed Thevuss, the serpent a while ago." even telling them about the serpent didn't even impress them one bit. "They will occupy the last dormitories available on each clan house. Thank you, and goodbye." There was a loud clapping then it sieged. Then all of the war-mages were separated into four groups, each according to their clan. Then each group entered a different gate. "Well," the commander started, "Please go to your respected places." So all of the new recruits broke up into groups then entered their own gate. "See ya!" Keith exclaimed. "Yeah, later!" Avatrice replied. He realized that there were only eleven Vaiu clansmen and ten whom which are of the first level. He was the only one that was second in level. Inside the Vaiu Clan house, there was a huge hall and it had a huge rectangle dining table. Across the room, there were three doors, each of them were marked at the top: kitchen, training center and dormitory. All of them including the war-mages went to the dormitories. The door leading to the dormitory, led to a humungous quadrangle that on all the sides, had four floors of dormitory. All of the new recruits who were fast enough, got their own rooms. But Avatrice who was behind of the line, had a hard time finding a room, so when the time came, he was the only one without a dorm to stay in until, "Umm... excuse me, do you have a room?" a kind, sweet voice asked. "No, I don't have a dorm yet." said the bewildered Avatrice. "Come, I have an extra bed at my dorm." said the other mage declared. She led Avatrice to the third floor and opened the room. Inside, there were two beds, each on one side of the square room and each side has a desk and closet too. And across the room, there was a bathroom. "Thank you." Avatrice said while leaving his luggage. "Your welcome." said the girl and at the same time uncovered her face, "By the way, I'm Captain Tiffany, level second." She offered Avatrice her hand to shake. Avatrice shook her hand and said, "I'm Lieutenant Avatrice , level second." Avatrice was apparently surprised at his new dorm mate's gorgeous face. "So," the shy boy started, "how old are you?" "I'm thirteen, you?" the Vaiu girl asked politely. "Thirteen too! That's perfect!" Avatrice exclaimed. "So, Avatrice, wanna go out and get some lunch?" the red head asked but Avatrice was still staring at her beautiful crimson hair. "Hello? Avatrice you there?" Tiffany asked him while waving her hand in front of his face. "Umm...ok, let's go!" Avatrice finally got out. The captain opened the door and the lieutenant followed.