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Chapter 4:The Trip


Character Profiles
Book 1: Druid's Legacy
Chapter 1:The Vaiu Descendant
Chapter 2:The Coming War
Chapter 3:The Revelation
Chapter 4:The Trip
Chapter 5:The Aurii Defense Station
Chapter 6:Training
Chapter 7:The Undetectable Predator
Chapter 8:The War

So far, after Avatrice fell, the flying went on smoothly. They are now flying above rocky caves and finally, the young spellman flew so fast that he was now third in the whole group, Keith was just behind him. "What if we fall?" shouted his anxious friend. "I don't know!" shouted Avatrice. Then suddenly, the commander shouted, "Ambush!!!!" after he shouted, arrows of flame shot them, about two of them fell. The commander, being a vaiu, mind controlled the assailant's so tat they may kill each other. His attack was successful. From about twenty, the attackers were reduced to seven. Then the younger mage followed their commander. Hydruss shot icicles and water, the Gock showered them with stone, the Zap electrified their foes with lightning and the Vaius, mind bended the assailants. Alas due to their attack, the enemies were reduced to just one, and that one, Avatrice guessed, was their leader. He aimed at the Flaz and shot a psionic beam. He dodged. Then he casted flame that shot Avatrice and his wyrm, Crimson Flame, down to the dark caves of Aurii.

* * *

About an hour later, Avatrice regained consciousness, rubbing his head, he looked around the wide cave and saw that his wyrm was badly injured and was still unconscious. "Poor Crimson." He whispered. The lizard was no big one, it's body looked like it was meant for a single passenger. He looked up, and saw that the cave that he fell on, was very high and if his wyrm companion couldn't fly, he just had to go and walk his way out. To his right, he saw that there were light coming out of a hole on the wall. Curious, he peered at the hole and he saw a green forest and beside it, a clear pond. Avatrice thought he could teleport out since it is for a short distance only. So he brought out his purple stone from his pouch and concentrated. Then light flashed all around him and the next thing he knew, he was outside. He kept his stone and went to the pond to drink. He cupped his left and right hand and drew water from the pond. As he was about to drink his first sip, a long serpent appeared from the pond. No. It was no ordinary pond. It was the pond of Thevuss, the only Aurish serpent. In class, Avatrice learned that it was about one millennia old. It looked like a giant snake that had a face of a dragon. Avatrice dropped the water and stepped back to lie on the cave wall. Then the serpent lunged at him. Avatrice dodged and the serpent hit the cave wall and made a huge hole into it. About one-third of the cave was broken down because of it. Turning his face towards Avatrice and it looked furious. It let out an ear breaking scream then it shot gobs of flame towards Avatrice. Two of the three fireballs missed, the other one burned through the mage's purple tunic. He took out his stone and tried to cast a force field around him but the serpent, in rage, threw another fireball. It burned the caster's right arm. Angry of the burn, Avatrice held his stone in his right hand and casted a ray of psych. It hit the monster in the eye and it let out a shout of blind fury. It fell down on the floor for a while then rose up again, this time, it was not blind. Avatrice used a spell of temporary control to command the beast to drop it's head, and so it did. The spellman climbed on top of the beast's head and prepared to cast the most ultimate spell of the Vaiu, The Sudden Death. Only he mastered it in his own batch, and only a few knew how to do it. Avatrice casted a paralyzing spell so that it will be easier to do the other spell. The beast was then paralyzed and was lying on the ground. The spellman's stone was now on the left hand and his right was preparing to do it's job. Avatrice reached out his right hand and pressed against the monster's head, where the brain should be. His right hand was now inside the monster's head. Blood was already oozing all over him. Then, he finally got hold of the brain. He squeezed it as hard as he could, the purple stone on his left hand gleamed. Then the serpent's head suddenly exploded. Blood splat all over the sight and the young mage was covered in red. Then suddenly, his wyrm became conscious once more and asked his companion, "What did I miss?"